Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome to "Going To The Movies!"

This exhibit displays images from 1930 to 1942, from the Kentucky, Strand, State, Ben Ali, and the Ada Meade Theaters, and The Lexington Opera House, which had been converted to screen films during the period.

To the right of the screen is a list of the movies displayed in the exhibit. To view a brief summary of the movie's plot, the stars of the cast, and the director, simply touch the link on the screen.

Below the list of movies and to the right is a list of the theaters in Lexington during the Great Depression. To view a brief history of the theater, touch the link on the screen. 

Operating the tablet is fairly simple.
-To scroll up or down, simply slide a finger down or up on the screen respectively.

-To go to a link on the presentation, tap the intended link once.

-If you want to zoom in, pinch two fingers together or apart on the screen or double-tap the screen to zoom in and double tap to zoom out.

-To return to the Homescreen, pinch four or five fingers together.

-Explore and enjoy!